Odhcp6c process starting syslog message is missing


When odhcp6c is started by using below
/sbin#odhcp6c -ev br-lan.

Odhcp6c process starting syslog message is viewed in logread command

logread -f

Wed Aug 28 17:10:24 2019 daemon.notice odhcp6c(13101): (re) starting transaction on br-lan

But when I configured DHCPV6 client via Luci, I did not see any logs from odhcp6c module in logread. But odhcp6c process started.

Do I need to increase buffer size to see whole logs.

Durga K

Hmm, no, I think you just need to do something that causes it to reload and thus generate logs.
Such as restarting the lan interface.
EDIT: disregard this answer, see later message

Thanks Aboaboit for your reply,

So, while applying fresh dhcpv6 client configuration via LUCI, Can't we see the odhcp6c process starting syslogs? Restart or reload the interface is the only solution?

Why I am asking this question is, when applying dhcpv6 client configuration via LUCI, interface got restarted immediately, that time only I could not able to see the odhcp6c syslogs in logread.

Please provide your comments

Durga K

Ok, now I understand your question a bit better and my initial reply is not all that accurate :stuck_out_tongue:

The restart is logged under "dnsmasq", I've tried changing a DUID and I saw a new entry for that.
Why dnsmasq? In IPV4 it handles both DNS and DHCP, so I guess it made sense to control odhcpd from that same service.

Can you please tell where the messages of logread will get stored.


Out of the box, they won't. In other words, if you reboot the logs are gone.


Thanks aboaboit.

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