Odds of D-LINK DIR-2640 support?

Apparently the hardware is identical to the DIR-2660, except for the color of the LEDs and a dedicated push button for toggling WiFI networks.

MediaTek MT7621AT chipset.

DIR-2660 has an experimental support


I was able to successfully flash OpenWRT with the DIR-2660 snapshot build: https://openwrt.org/toh/hwdata/d-link/d-link_dir-2660_a1

Got luci installed and I can see both and connect to both the 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz networks, but speeds are quite slow. Fast.com is reporting under 10Mbps. Also 160MHz channel width didn't appear to work on the 5GHz band, using channel 36.

Will report more as I have chance to dig in

Ok, seems to have settled in nicely.

Getting speeds as high as 200Mbit/s on fast.com over 5GHz/80MHz channel mode. For a little while, I couldn't set channels 149-165, but after changing the setting to default to the US country code, things seem to be working.

Internet speeds are noticeably faster and snappier than my previous TP Link Archer A7 on Open WRT 19.07.4

The original speed issue was because I had the router daisy chained to my previous router via the WAN port. I'm not sure 160 MHz channels are actually supported by that router anyway.

If anyone wanted to revert back to the OEM firmware via the recovery GUI, you must use the decrypt the OEM firmware first (see: https://github.com/0xricksanchez/dlink-decrypt, https://openwrt.org/docs/guide-user/installation/recovery_methods/d-link_recovery_gui#about_encrypted_firmwares)

Anyway, I was able to open up a PR and get it included in the official OpenWRT sources. The DIR-2640 is now supported by a snapshot build:

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