Odd specifications for the Bezeq-branded D-Link DSL-6740U G2

I had recently gotten the aforementioned router (someone had apparently thrown it away, and I had a spare power supply adapter which perfectly matched it (12V 1.5A), aside for the barrel jack, which is slightly too long, so I have to keep it pressed firmly).

Something interesting, is that it supposedly has a BCM6368 (the SoC, WiFi, and xDSL are covered in possibly soldered heatsinks (in the case of the former and one of the latters) or a shield (the other latter), preventing me from seeing the actual chips, and I had not yet gotten to try accessing it from either SSH or Telnet), which only supports USB2.0, yet the device has a USB3.0 port.

Additionally, it has only 10/100Mbts ports, despite 8 pins being soldered in (interestingly, there are 10 slots in each ethernet port.

It does have 64MB of 400Mhz DDR2 RAM and 8MB of storage (different chips than on the unbranded G1, I intend to add a WikiDevi page in the future, after I finish collecting a few more details about it's hardware), so it may be a future candidate for OpenWrt (this is a Broadcom chip potentially untainted by Avago after all).

Lastly, and this is awesome, it has 4 SPI pins already on the board.

For anyone wondering whether it still works, I had already tested it with our connection, after which I can say, yes it works, since there was no difference from the DM200 for internet connectivity (we pay for 40Mbts, we get 40Mbts to the local DSLAM, but in reality (for the past 2-3 months) we are getting about 200-400KB for anything abroad, and ~2MB within the country, with latency ranging from ~60-~150ms most of the time, and using only sometimes helps (I have to keep alternating between and, at worst keeping it at ~60-70ms, at best working as it should, ~10-20ms.)).