Occasional Kernel panic Netgear R7800 on 19.07.2


Every month or two my router kernel panics and reboots, under no particular load or for any apparent reason. Fishing through logs immediately before and for several minutes only shows expected successful dnsmasq requests and replies.

Fairly light setup, only using adblock with luci interface on top of stock. One guest wifi network zone set up with appropriate firewall rules. Everything works as expected.

Have stuck the logs a pastebin so as not to clog up forum - not sure if there's much of use in there anyway.

Has anyone come across this before with this version of OpenWRT on this router? What other information can I provide?

Many thanks for any suggestions or replies!

Does the same happen with 19.07.4?

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Yes. I wasn't able to update until mid December, and the router restarted itself yesterday. Approx two weeks uptime before it rebooted.