Observa Telecom VH4032N - trunk LEDE - config ADSL pepephone through SSH :)

Hello ppl, i m new in here and new with LEDE also...
I got a Observa Telecom VH4032N router, and installed LEPE to use it as a gateway router with another ISP 4 a while :wink:

I got it from this source,but aint be able to subscribe into that forum,so i could not ask there... :frowning: http://foro.seguridadwireless.net/openwrt/(desarrollo)-observa-telecom-vh4032n/380/?PHPSESSID=8c6a5582b1d20a64bcea4f3d8da57743

So! this is the scenarium... LEDE (truk version) no LUCI...they say it works great, not 2 me :-S
I let u here the link to LEDE package, so you can know version, compilation, etc...

SO... Router Power light -> ON
Ping to throught eth0.1 -> works fine
No LUCI and no answer to telnet on port 23... I need to configure WAN, LAN, WiFi, LEDs, nd so on... i could learn LEDE and do this, but cant find the access to the equipment...
In the docs guides in LEDE-proyect, it looks like you already into the prompt all the time... i canยดt find how I suppouse to get into the ssh screem so i could type commands and so...
So, I do suppouse that telnet throught ethernet cold be my first option, cuz I donยดt hv luci...
But aint work to me :-S

Could anybody please give me a basic orientation? should i open the router and connect a USB/serial cable so i would be able to access RS232 telnet like a console??

Thnx in advance, have a good day :smiley:

Should apply to LEDE too: https://wiki.openwrt.org/doc/howto/firstlogin

Pre-built trunk images do not come with any web interface or GUI.

Telnet was removed from trunk by 46809. In a newer trunk build, only ssh is available.

Thanks vmuch Tmomas...

Now I se on putty that SSH use port 22... I have not used it before with putty, thats why aint got the idea.
When I read ur message, it was like, wait a second.. I ve saw that in putty XD.... hahahaaha
Apreciate it, best regards

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OK, I ll wirte here my adventure... want to config my new ISP (Pepephone) DSL router parameters

This is the config I need to get working:

  • ATM PVC VPI/VCI -> 8/32
  • Service Category -> UBR
  • Multiplexation -> PPPoE
  • Username PPP -> adsl@masmovil
  • Password PPP -> masmovil
  • Encapsulation -> LLC
  • DSL Type -> ADSL2+
  • IP dir type -> IPv4
  • 802.1Q -> VLAN 20
  • MTU -> 1488

Also recommended:

  • MSS TCP -> 1448
  • IP & Mask -> Dynamic
  • DNS ->Auto

Ok, this is in the WAN part... Later I ll need to activate and config Wireless interface and 2 x eth ports.
See next posts 4 more

OK, I ll follow this:
... to conf mi WAN PPPoe DSL...

then, I dont need to upgrade, but I do need to install ppp, kmod-pppoe, and ppp-mod-pppoe packages... like this
root@LEDE:~#opkg install ppp kmod-pppoe ppp-mod-pppoe

... then I should config my PPPoe -> edit the file /etc/config/network:
root@LEDE:~#vi /etc/config/network
((Inside ViEditor: 4 insert mode press i, and when finish Esc + :wq for save and quit)
Looking with iwconfig --> decided eth0 is my dsl nic :slight_smile:

Finally, after lotta readynig, test and errors... got this in network file:

Also activate and config my wireless signal, and it works... modifying /etc/config/wireless
(erase a line <option disable '1'> in first parragraph)

This config should work? Dunno... but aint working XD
Not from LAN, not from wireless... I got ping to router, but not get the internet....
I guess WAN interface aint connecting :frowning:

I ll continous looking forward... but... Someone see the error in my networking files?
I got this in my WAN interface status:

Apreciate any help... ThnX, cont 2morrow :frowning:

Well, all the ways going to a no out alley... So
I give up...
I make a few more configurations, but I see no one interested, and no help...

I decided to get a new working router from my ISP... nd forget this **** :frowning:

Hope some one make it and publish the answer, so I could learn... the info in the network and in here... not good enough 2 me... (maube I m not good enoguh 4 the info ^^)

B kool... U! b kool :wink:


You should use a modem adsl (BRIDGE) + OpenWRT/LEDE (PPPOE).it's as simple as that.