O2 Germany - precise DSL settings

I've been a customer with Vodafone for a long time and found the right config in the wiki. Now on Monday I will be switched over to O2.
Can I use the same config with O2?
Do they use the same DSL Vlan?

I think the config for O2 will be provided to you once you convert to it. You may also get a router from ISP which may be configured for your settings already. Then you can see for yourself what settings are there. But I think some of those settings will be same for most ISPs.

Most likely you will be on bitstream access via a Deutsche Telekom line, so in all likelihood you will need to configure VLAN7 for the PPPoE tunnel (whether you needed VLAN7 that for VF already I do not know).
Username and password will differ from the ones used with Vodafone ( :wink: but you knew that, I presume).
If you use your own router, you can expect tp wait for >= 7 days before you get access to the configuration data for your SIP/VoIP account....

Question: Why was this flagged, seems like a genuine question to me?

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Thanks! I was assuming this setting to be the same as VF.
7 days for Sip Settings? Are you serious?

That is how long it took for me, and I saw postings of others with similar numbers; mind you if you get the O2 modem/router/IAD with inbuilt SIP/VoIP it is reported to work immediately, the delay is only for those that insist on not renting a router from O2, "honi soit qui mal y pense"....

Almost, if you rent the O2 router it is supposedly hard to get access to the SIP/VoIP account's user name and password.

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The change from my old provider to O2 was without obstacles. They told me the change was happening between 8 and 12 but it was already done by 7:30.
I entered the new username + PW into /etc/config/networks and did a /etc/init.d/networking restart which did the trick.
Now for the Voip part. At around 11:30 I got a mail saying that my connection was switched over successfully.
I found the Voip settings here:

So to sum it up. I has worked flawlessly from the get-go.

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