O-droid platforms or similar for vpn?

Just wondering if anyone has looked into possible supporting O-droid platforms? (In particular the N2 which is soon to be released)

Im considering something more grunty like these for vpn - but dunno if they’re any better than a pi for vpn performance. Or would something like the H2 be an option (intel cpu, and 2x Gb ether ports) ?

They already run Ubuntu on which you can run pretty much any Linux-compatible VPN.

The Intel-based one should be able to run an x86 build, when they ship. Perhaps a couple tweaks for LEDs or the like, but probably will just work.


Be careful about terminology here, Hardkernel is marketing several vastly different SOCs under the "ODROID" line of devices.

There is some ongoing work to support the mesongx target for OpenWrt, this will have to wait until master switches to kernel 4.19 though (so after openwrt-19.03 gets branched off), as it depends on at least that kernel version. However, this currently only covers the Amlogic S905 SOC (and the Hardkernel ODROID-C2 in particular).

Given that the Hardkernel ODROID-N2 has just been announced ~a week ago and is based on the newer Amlogic S922X SOC instead, it's unclear what its mainline support status currently is - probably not the best (to put it mildly). While the SOC certainly looks tempting, based on its hardware features, you will either have to wait (probably quite considerable time) until it actually arrives on the market and on the desks of potentially interested OpenWrt developers/ contributors, or have to get your feet wet by trying to add support for it yourself. I wouldn't place bets on the feasibility or the time frame of this endeavour at this moment, at least until upstream support for the Amlogic S922X is available in mainline linux and until it is supported by the multi-platform kernel of the current and vanilla general purpose distributions (Debian, Fedora, Mageia, OpenSuSE, Ubuntu, …) - and not some vendor provided "$insert-distro-name-here Linux image" (with non-mainline or proprietary kernel/ u-boot).


Ah, thanks for the heads up there . Quite a few traps for the unwary.
That adds a lot more pieces to the puzzle with device support in general as well, thank you.

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It's possible to run on odroid's already, I've written a blog post about it

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