NVMe on UniElec U7621-06 MT7621 running 21.02


I've managed to connect NVMe device to my MT7621 based UniElec U7621-06 (solid platform for OpenWrt), lspci correctly identifies device. No new block device appeared in system. I've looked through additional software but I haven't found anything useful.
What is needed for nvme protocol to run?

Right now NVME is only supported on x86 and all you can do about it is to recompile OpenWrt's ramips/mt7621 subtarget with support for it.
This is possible by editing target/linux/ramips/mt7621/config-5.10 and adding these lines to it

# CONFIG_NVME_HWMON is not set
# CONFIG_NVME_TCP is not set

It would probably be possible to package kernel modules for NVME support as kmod package.

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