NUT Configuration

At this point, I really have no idea what is going on anymore...

When I had initially set up NUT, my only issues were that UPS.conf was blanked upon each reboot, and that I had yet to fill in details about the battery, however after rebooting I managed to fix the reboot issue (apparently "-" is an invalid character according to UCI) but the battery information added was ignored, and in addition nut_cgi and upsd fail to communicate with my UPS, however the blazer_usb manages to communicate with it just fine, and my UPS is not found under localhost at all.

nut_cgi's web interface claims that the driver is not connected, however blazer_usb finds the UPS without any issues.

These are the contents of my configuration files:


config driver 'REDACTED'
        option driver 'blazer_usb'
        option port 'auto'
        option vendorid '0001'
        option productid '0000'
        list override 'output_voltage_high'
        list override 'output_voltage_low'
        list default 'output_voltage_nominal'
config override 'override_output_voltage_high'
        option value '108'
config override 'override_output_voltage_low'
        option value '96'
config default 'default_output_voltage_nominal'
        option value '120'
config user
        option username 'REDACTED'
        option password 'REDACTED'
        option upsmon 'master'
config listen_address
        option address ''
        option port '3493'
config upsd upsd


config host
        option upsname 'REDACTED'
        option displayname 'REDACTED'
config upsset
        option enable '0'


config upsmon 'upsmon'
        option runas 'nutmon'
        option minsupplies '1'
        option shutdowncmd '/usr/sbin/nutshutdown'
        option pollfreq '5'
        option pollfreqalert '5'
        option hostsync '15'
        option deadtime '15'
        option onlinemsg 'UPS %s on line power'
        option onbattmsg 'UPS %s on battery'
        option lowbattmsg 'UPS %s battery is low'
        option fsdmsg 'UPS %s:forced shutdown is in progress'
        option comokmsg 'Communications with UPS %s established'
        option combadmsg 'Communications with UPS %s lost'
        option shutdowmsg 'Shutdown commencing'
        option replbattmsg 'UPS %s battery needs to be replaced'
        option nocommmsg 'UPS %s is unavailable'
        option noparentmsg 'upsmon parent process died - shutdown impossible'
        list lowbattnotify 'SYSLOG'
        list nocommnotify 'SYSLOG'
        list noparentnotify 'SYSLOG'
        option rbwarntime '4200'
        option nocommwarntime '300'
        option finaldelay '5'
        option certpath '/path/to/ca/dir'
        option certverify '0'
        option forcessl '0'
        option notifycmd '/usr/sbin/upssched'
        list defaultnotify 'EXEC'
        list defaultnotify 'SYSLOG'
        list onlinenotify 'SYSLOG'
        list onbattnotify 'SYSLOG'
        list fsdnotify 'SYSLOG'
        list comoknotify 'SYSLOG'
        list combadnotify 'SYSLOG'
        list shutdownotify 'SYSLOG'
        list replbattnotify 'SYSLOG'
config master
        option hostname 'localhost'
        option powervalue '1'
        option username 'upsroot'
        option password 'upstest'
        option upsname 'REDACTED'