NUT 2.8.1 release and OpenWrt

NUT 2.8.1 is released and it has some pretty nice improvements (for me, especially, because I need that feature of picking "subdriver" by myself).

Are there some plans to update NUT package for OpenWrt?

Might I suggest you would be better to pose the question @

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They suggest to me to create pull request. I'm not familiar with such a thing.


Or can I compile new version NUT for OpenWrt and test it myself? How?

Pull request is originally a GitHub term, where you first author, compile and test some changes, and then propose them to be adopted into the public repo.

In practice, fork/clone the openwrt source repo and feeds, do the necessary changes for 2.8.1 to the nut Makefiles, patches and possible other files, compile and test it, and then propose those changes as a PR.

You need to familiarise yourself with the OpenWrt build system...

So, a version bump to a package constitutes a Feature Request and thus a PR is required, but if a packages fails to build that a version bump fixes, it doesn’t?

Didn't quite get your point.

All changes by people without direct commit rights are proposed via Pull Requests (or for the main repo, also the old-fashioned developer mailing list works). Makes no difference if it is a bug fix or a new feature.

Somebody needs to author, compile and test the new version (or fix). That is the whole point.
There is no magical "OpenWrt team" to take care of upgrades.
It is up to interested people.

So, if somebody wants a new version of a package, the quickest way is to author and test that version bump.

I am well aware of the process.

I guess what I am trying to rationalize is how a normal user with no coding/GitHub expertise can request a version update to an OpenWrt package that includes the requested feature.

Asking for a PR just isn’t a possibility for the vast majority of our users. That’s a rabbit hole many, many users won’t enter.

It’s easy enough for you and I to effect a version bump in local source. Not so for our typical users.

I’ve seen many issues requesting version package bumps simply asking if the update version could be done based on the additional capabilities engendered in the bump accommodated by devs/maintainers without issue prior.

I just don’t get that this is deemed a Feature Request that is already a Feature ensconced in the version update.

Sure, but I am just trying to point out that OpenWrt is a community effort. We always need new enthusiasts that contribute, as we steadily lose old contributors. There is no staff to take care of the package version bumps, just you, me and him...


Yeh, I know.

I’ll see what I can do.