Ntpd traffic on limited mobile data plan

So I'm planning to run a tplink mr200 running latest openwrt 22.03.2 with a limited mobile data plan.
The only outbound call that I know of on default openwrt install is the ntp sync every 11 min - is this correct ?
Now does anyone have an idea how much data will these calls going to consume - any approximate values will do.

That does not really matter... Most likely your provider is charging in some fixed increments, like 150KB and closing [billing] sessions every x hours or minutes. I suggest to read their T&C first.


TTL = 65 to play it safe ?

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sorry - where should I set this ?

sysctl.conf, or perhaps in sysctl.d.

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so I've disabled the system service and opted for a cron with a daily ntp sync (and quit -q ) plus a 30sec delayed sync on startup (via rc.local).
I'll visit the site around Christmas so I'll see if this worked out - if any data left :slight_smile:

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