Ntpd configuration overwritten

I do not have sysntpd installed and have isntalled ntpd and ntp-utils via opkg.
I wish to customize ntp.conf, but ntpd/uci seems to reset ntp.conf.
Is UCI resetting the conf?

My /etc/config/system contains the following section:
config timeserver 'ntp'
option enabled '1'
option enable_server '1'
option server ','

$ uci show | grep ntp

I have a GPS that I wish to use for clock discipline, how can I set NMEA refclocks via uci?
Something like
server mode 88 minpoll 4 maxpoll 4
fudge flag1 1 flag2 0 flag3 0 flag4 1 time2 0.545

sysntpd is included in busybox...so, it's likely installed.

  • Are you certain that you've disabled startup of sysntpd???
  • Have you tried editing the /etc/ntp.conf file???

I thought the UCI commands were for sysntpd.

It's certainly not installed, I compiled the image myself.
So what is causing the reset of ntp.conf if not UCI?

If you're certain that you compiled a version of Busybox without NTP, OK...just covering the first step - to disable sysntpd.

Allow me to be more clear:

Why are you placing NTP configs in UCI when ISC NTP is configured at /etc/ntp.conf???

I would advise removing the phantom configurations and using /etc/ntp.conf before inquiring about the anomalous behavior.

EDIT: And also editing this line - and removing other NTP lines from the UCI