NTP (dropbear) one server use different SRC IP

Hi all.

config timeserver 'ntp'
        option enabled '1'
        option enable_server '1'
        list server 'time-xxx.nist.gov'
        list server 'cronos.xxxxx.mx'
        list server 'yyy.xxx.xxx.xxx'

I need to connect to the yyy.xxx.xxx.xxx server using a specific SRC IP and Interface - not the WAN. Is this possible, if so, how?

add route to ntp server in Q

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Actually, I needed an IP Rule - not route. The route already exists on another table.

config rule
        option dest 'xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx/32'
        option lookup 'xx'
        option priority 'xx'
        option in 'loopback'

Thanks for the hint!

One specific route works for everything vpn, but rule works too.

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Yea, I need the router to stay on the main table. The other tunneled network has services only available using the DST IP thru the tunnel - hence the need for the rule specifying the other table for the OpenWrt itself (i.e. loopback). :wink:

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