NTFS USB Harddrive wont mount, modprobe fuse

I have an MT7621 device running OpenWrt 18.06.8 kernel 4.14.171 and I am trying to mount a usb hard drive formatted in NTFS and create a Samba share with it. ntfs-3g fails to mount the drive and complains with an error regarding the fuse package and recommends running modprobe fuse. When running modprobe fuse it fails to load the kernel package. The kernel module seems to be present in the kernel folder and when I run dmesg i get the following messages every time I try to modprobe fuse....

[1103709.708781] fuse: Unknown symbol forget_all_cached_acls (err 0)
[1103709.715004] fuse: Unknown symbol posix_acl_default_xattr_handler (err 0)
[1103709.722159] fuse: Unknown symbol posix_acl_from_xattr (err 0)
[1103709.728400] fuse: Unknown symbol posix_acl_access_xattr_handler (err 0)
[1103709.735268] fuse: Unknown symbol posix_acl_to_xattr (err 0)

I am assuming there are some extended file attributes set on some or all of the files on the hard drive.

Does anyone know a quick and easy work around to get this drive to mount?

18.06.8 died years ago, upgrade.

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