NTFS USB drive not recognized on 22.03.2


I have Raspberry PI 4B as home router. NTFS USB drive attached to it, works fine on 22.03.0. After upgrade to 22.03.2, openwrt sees the drive but unable to recognize as NTFS. Command cat /proc/filesystems does not see NTFS-3g in the list.

root@PI4:~# cat /proc/filesystems
nodev sysfs
nodev tmpfs
nodev bdev
nodev proc
nodev cgroup
nodev cgroup2
nodev cpuset
nodev configfs
nodev debugfs
nodev sockfs
nodev bpf
nodev pipefs
nodev ramfs
nodev devpts
nodev overlay
nodev mqueue
nodev fuse
nodev fusectl

I added the USB drive manually in mount point, but it does not show up in the Mounted File System.

I uninstall and reinstall NTFS-3g package, does not work.

If I install kmod-fs-NTFS package, openwrt will recognize the NTFS drive but it is just read-only. I need rw.

Any advice? thank you

What are the mount point permissions?

if I use ntfs-3g, nothing showing up from USB drive, so no way to set permission. If I use kmod-fs-ntfs, files/folders show up, but I cannot change permission.

Not what you were asked to check...

it is working now. just need to type the following command once:

ln -s /usr/bin/ntfs-3g /sbin/mount.ntfs

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