NTFS Format Recovery

I have a 1.5 tb WD USB drive that I connected to my TP-Link Archer A7 1750 OpenWrt 19.07.8 flashed router. The drive has 1tb of very valuable video, picture & music files formated to NTFS. Attempting to configure my router to writable NTFS I inadvertantly changed the format EXT4 (oh shit!). Since I made this tragic error I turned of the drive to preserve the NTSF image.
I hope :pray: that there is way to change format from EXT4 back to NTSF and recover accessibility to the VERY valuable files.
HELP! What can I do?

Use your backups?


This problem is not exactly on topic for this forum.
But just to have an idea:

how did you do that?
If you didn't write the changes for the new partition then most likely not much harm is done and you need to restore the partition type to NTFS.
If you also formatted the partition to EXT4 it will require some recovery utility.

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Oh my bad...What is the appropriate forum?

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I was trying to configure router for Writable NTSB following OpenWrt guide. I made a mistake somewhere in the process. I am new to OpenWrt, it is complex to me, I make a lot of mistakes. Trial & error.
I'm trying to find tech help here in Puerto Vallarta without much luck.

You might try this here:

Do yourself a favor and read the instructions carefully.

Happy recovery,

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In my experience I can say that It's almost impossible to really lost data from an ntfs partition, trust me, I lost data from more than half a dozen of filesystems and the more recoverable it's ntfs. So if you didn't overwritten the data, don't panic.

Let me know if you need help.

TestDisk is fine for recover files

First you should make a sector by sector copy of the whole disk onto another disk (either bare metal or as an image file) then go forensic on the copy.