Nss-dp is restarting service network again and again

Link is going down/up repeatedly, that's my dmesg output:

[   55.649414] nss-dp 3a001800.dp5 eth4: PHY Link up speed: 1000
[   55.649487] br-wan: port 1(eth4) entered blocking state
[   55.654149] br-wan: port 1(eth4) entered forwarding state
[   55.681203] nss-dp 3a001800.dp5 eth4: PHY Link is down
[   56.673691] br-wan: port 1(eth4) entered disabled state

I dont know why but I think the problem maybe is the dhcp client

is this still about your unsupported device from Repeated link down/up when using DHCP server on LAN - #4 by juan_palma ?

No, that's another problem I think from package nss-dp