Nslookup fails with localhost

Dear _bernd,

earlier itself i noticed /etc/host* are not exists on target , so i just created /etc/hosts file name and added ' localhost' but still failing.


wow, you really don't read the replies you're getting, do you ?

Dear frolic,

little inexperience in DNS related topic. that's why i misunderstood some points explained in previous comments.
In summary, Public resolver mentioned in /etc/resolv.conf will never help in resolving "nslookup localhost". There must be local resolver configured to succeed localhost lookup?


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yes, that's correct

Hi ,
how to configured localhost resolver?
Any input please


make sure dnsmasq runs

Got it.
Thank you so much for your repetitive input and explanation.


Ok.... Then do so searching on how DNS is resolved on a system... Hints: host, ping, dig and nslookup and others all have some in common and all do it differently but just to stress the earlier comment. If you have a resolver configured, doesn't matter if local or public, and you use nslookup it will always ask the resolver and completely ignore etc hosts.
And even if you have a local resolver running and pointing to it, the resolver has to treat etc hosts as one source for records which can be served.
And btw how did you have ended up with a system which has no etc hosts file?