Nr5101 antennas modification

Good morning to everybody, Recently i was trying to modify my Zyxel Nr5101 because my signal is poor. Now , the two connectors for anexternal antenna doesn't work properly, that's why I installed 3 external antennas ( KASER LPDA 5G 4G) in my house. I also disassembled my router, but I found several ports without a logic sense...I am wondering if anyone could help me pair the ports, for example ant0 and ant1 must connect to external antenna n1 and ant4 and ant 5 to antenna n2 and so on, because I am not sure and there are too many possibility .
I attach a photo of the Nr5101 board.
Thanks for your replies

This model doesn't appear to be supported by OpenWrt. Can you clarify if you are using OpenWrt on this device?

Hi Psherman, I would try to use it even if it isn't support, but before I would modify the router

This forum does not aim to provide general technical advice. It is focused on Openwrt and closely related topics. As such, you will need to find other forums where more general (and/or brand specific) help is offered.

I will tell you, though, that very few wireless routers/APs are designed to be modified as you are attempting. Specifically, and especially for those without external antenna sockets, the antennas are integral to the design and calibration of the device. The firmware is programmed with the expected antenna positioning and spacing, and it is further calibrated at the factory to account for manufacturing variance. A diy modification like what you are doing will almost always degrade performance, and may even cause the device to run out of regulatory limits.


Thank you for the advice, it was much appreciated. In truth I thought that the modification could only increase performance. I did different tests with different connection configurations of the connectors for the external antennas, but almost always it didn't connect to the network. Now I understand why. Maybe I wasn't making the wrong connections, but it was probably the wrong calibration. I see a lot of companies offering modification services, but I think it's just hardware at this point.
I don't want to abuse your kindness, but can I ask you for one last piece of advice on purchasing a device that can connect me to 3 external antennas? For example, the Nr5103 (which is supported among other things), has 2. Thanks again very much

I am not really that well versed in WiFi hardware with external antennas. Look at enterprise class products - most consumer devices these days are purely monolithic designs.

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