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I just noticed that in the morning I got many notifications of replies to posts I didn't subscribe to or respond to.

Preferences > Notifications > Automatically track topics I enter > never

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Automatically track topics I enter > after 5 minutes

that way you get notification on topic that might be of interest to you, assuming you read them for 5 min or more and don't stay on non'interesting topics for 5 minutes

I'm aware of such option. But it doesn't appear to be what I'm seeing.

I'm not talking about the number of New or Unread messages I see in the first page. I'm talking about the notifications of replies I see when I click on my Profile Picture

Also I noticed that I magically have over 500 Unreadmessages, some of which are form months ago. That number was 0 last night.

After some investigation, it appears that I have Installing and Using OpenWrt category in Watched! I don't think I ever set this up, and I wasn't aware of such option to begin with!

If you are using touchscreen devices for reading the forum, it's quite easy to accidentally hit those buttons (directly below your profile button in the category view).


Using browser extensions like vimium may also result in accidentally triggering the tracking feature.

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I don't know, to be honest. It was Watching that's set, and for the whole of Installing and Using OpenWrt category, and I can't find anyway to achieve that other than doing it from Preferences > Categories. I don't remember doing that, unless I was sleep-browsing (which isn't very unlikely!)

…very easy to hit by accident (even easier on touchscreen devices, while scrolling).


Ah I see. It shows a bit different on my Android (that's why I didn't earlier understand what you mean), but yes, I see that seems more likely to have happened than me sleep-browsing! That's a relief!

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