Not sure how to install openwrt on Edgerouter X

I've been having trouble understanding what I'm supposed to do. Seems like I need to do this? Operational OpenWrt 19.07.2 Factory Tar file for EdgeRouter X

but I've never used linux and have very little experience using command line/terminal.
Can you even do this in windows?

also not that knowledgeable with networking so I'm also wondering if openwrt can actually do what I want. my reason for wanting to install openwrt is to get rid of bufferbloat while playing games, I've been using the edgerouters QoS but have still been getting ping spikes in games. I have a DSL connection so it seemed like the issue is caused by framing? all my information is coming from this video

thanks in advance for any help

@sbus2, welcome to the community!

Update 19 May 2020 : “openwrt-ramips-mt7621-ubnt-erx-initramfs-factory.tar” OpenWRT 19.07 finaly available.


Just use the available TAR file and then perform a sysupgrade as the thread and Wiki instructions state.

(And likely not; but you could do so in a virtual machine or by booting a LiveCD/LiveUSB. That doesn't help, given you donno Linux, though.)

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You would only need a ssh / scp client for Windows. These include Putty, Tera Term, or the new built-in CLI OpenSSH port.

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ok thanks I was very confused before, but now I've got a new problem. I installed that tar file with the edge router cli, rebooted it and now whenever I try to connect to it with WinSCP or Putty it says "network error network is unreachable." I'm on eth 1 connecting to and root as username.

Did you flash the sysupgrade before rebooting again, as the instructions state?

Then, once installed and running, you simply need to sysupgrade this temporary OpenWRT 19.07 by the official OpenWRT 19.07.2 stock sysupgrade bin image file available in the table above.

idk I only rebooted once, after I installed the tar file with edge OS, I've never actually seen openwrt running

Is there an eth0?

yea pretty sure I tried it though, I'll try it again

it didn't work

Can you redescribe exactly the steps you followed ?

I can help you only if you describe me exactly what you did.

Use Tera Term to root@ on eth1 if you're on Windows, on browser was no good, through PuTTy no good, I was freaked out and believed it's bricked, I almost ordered USB to TTL on Amazon until I was greeted with OpenWRT on CLI in Tera Term. Proceed to upgrade from BIN though CLI and everything will work out.