Not seeing ip from wired device

Hello i've a netgear wndr 4300( previouslsy on the 18 version), i've upgraded to (clean install) the latest version(19.07.2 ) avalaible for my router.
I'm encountering a weird problem in the active dhcp lease section in the overview page i can't see the ip of the wired device, but thei are working fine.
Thanks in advice for the support.
Edit: if i go under network/firewall/port forwards from the dropdown list i can see all the ip that are effectively connected but still i can't find it in the active dhcp lease.

Does the cat /tmp/dhcp.leases contain all the leases?

contains only the leases visible in the status/overview page, if i go into status/routes/arp i see all the ip.

Maybe give it some time and/or reboot the wired device (or physically unplug the network cable and plug it back in).

Assuming that the wired device has not been rebooted and that the network interface has also remained up the whole time. Therefore, it is entirely possible that if you the router doesn't see the lease because the wired device had a lease previously and has not attempted to renew it (the lease table in the router would have been wiped during the upgrade). The DHCP lease will renew when the lease is 50% complete (so if you have a 24-hour lease, it will attempt to renew the lease 12 hours after the lease was most recently issued/renewed).

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Yes it's certainly that way, this morning i see all the ip in the dhcp lease.

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