Not really enjoying the Discourse forum


I like the heart, nothing juvenile (or emasculating...) about it. The thumbs up reminds me of Facebook.

Even worse, though, is the assumption there aren't any women using these forums, so the 'grown men' argument is not just silly; it's bordering on sexism.

Unless 'grown men' has a 100% gender neutral feeling in English; not a native speaker. Either way - why is this an issue??


I have been a part-time admin for a community website for more than 10 years. I know forum internals, I read the code and submitted several patches to PhpBB for example. I also proposed patches to use full-text search, so I know traditional forums can be lightning fast, without using cache or any kind of virtual file or even a farm. Using one or two medium size servers, you can have 10.000 simultaneous users on a traditional forum. In fact, on traditional forums, I see no limit but RAM to the number of simultaneous users. Could be 100.000 users with 512 GB or RAM. There is truly no limit...

So my first thought when using LEDE forum was:

What a mess
It is so slow
It sucks
Its a misery. Example : stroll down a long post, it can take dozens of seconds.

Now, after using LEDE forum for several months, I have to admit that I love it. Why?

The editing feature rocks with left editing, right preview.
It displays very well on mobile phone. Sometimes I post an issue and read answers on my mobile.
It seems to be fast, but sometimes a white page is displayed.

So I god used to it. This forum could be a very good point for LEDE in the future.

The only thought is that sometimes a white page is displayed.

Could this be due to the database server running in MySQL somewhere ? MySQL is not ACID compliant and you are never sure that an SQL query is running well. I don't want to enter a flame war, but you are using MySQL you will end-up with a farm, huge caching issues and a lot of problems. MySQL makes extensive use of cache, which ends up in a white page or huge caching issues. This is a traditional cache issue on heavy loaded systems. Cache is good for small systems, but it kills performance on large system. Also, white pages could be database server running on a virtual server somewhere (never run databases in virtual environments, always use a dedicated server). So it could be a good point to install a PostgreSQL server somewhere and make sure it is running on real server with plenty of RAM ...

Keep on the good things.

French Fries


Ebay is still using a friendy heart. Will see how long it lasts.....



@jow The heart is back again, maybe due to a recent update?
Can you please change that back again to "thumbs up" in the desktop and mobile css?


Why? Heart is great.....differs from the usual 08-15 stuff.....but I have to admit that thumbs up is iconic


@tmomas - the icons got changed, from special font glyphs used previously to svg sprites - I'm afraid this cannot be easily solved.