Not really enjoying the Discourse forum


It is not common practice to "admit" one's own ideas. It is like "confessing" that someone else is guilty or "witnessing" one's own innocence.

No I won't. Why are most of the world's web pages something else than thin black text on clear white background? Even those that are for purely informational content. Because on commonly used settings in desktop displays, pure white background is a violent strain on the eyes. When white text on black background is nicely readable, a white background of similar brightess is severely unpleasant.

Can you find any other Discourse forum with plain white background?


A little colour would be pleasant for the eyes.


Okay, I might not have used the words you would have wanted me to use, but you realize that you did not argue my point that posts are already well separated (by vertical white space, and separation lines). So I am happy to concede your point on verbiage...

=[quote="Thinkcat, post:21, topic:174"]
No I won't.

Okay, then we argue about night mode? I am all for an optional dedicated night mode (white text on black background) for the lede forum as that has its uses. But my understanding of your point is not that you argue for a dedicated optional night mode, but that you seem to want the default mode to be tinted/colored?

Because most web designers prefer novelty/orginality over usability? Really that is as useful an argument as taking the food choice of billions Scarabaeinae as an argument for coprophagia... But back on topic, what about wikipedia articles, the washington post, the new york times, the times, ..., all in the business of selling "informational content" and all sporting crisp black on white text? Care to explain why these do not count?

Try playing with brightness setting of your screen then. Really, black on white gives maximum contrast, you can always decrease the contrast/intensity, but you can not really fix, say 50% gray text on white as you already gave up 50% of achievable contrast...

Well, turn down the brightness then... BTW, I am not arguing against a dedicated night mode, as long as the default stays readable, I am arguing against "let's do as everybody else does without good rationale" and against "let's give up contrast in the source material". And color contrast simply does not cut it compared to luminosity contrast given color blindness....

But I do not kid myself that I have any say in this, so feel free to ignore me :wink:


I must say I really love this forum - much better than OpenWRT forums.


What exactly is better?


-design (I really dont like the OpenWRT website and forum design)
-all posts on page (I dislike pages - love scrolling)
-easy notifications, which really work (OpenWRT forum's were unrelieable for me)
-more structual layout
-mobile layout much better


Could the "like" symbol be changed to something more fitting and less awkward? We are mostly grown men here, so it bothers me a bit to thank someone for his contribution by giving him a heart.


What's your proposal for a better icon?


Heart doesn't bother me, but if alternatives are looked for, then maybe some "thumbs up" icon:


We could use another font awesome icon. Should be a really quick fix.


At first I also find the heart a litte bit inappropriate because of the technical background of all the router stuff but now I am fully comfortable with it and I love it from my heart when someone gives good advice, have done a good work or is helpful in any way :- )

Thumbs up I personal find to facebooky. What about:

  • a "neutral" plus sign +

  • scuba sign for ok

  • or stay with the friendly heart :- )



I am at a loss with the original request. For one, I believe no one in the forum should feel unwelcome or uncomfortable, so I am for change. On the other hand I believe that if clicking a heart-shaped button conflicts with one's idea about the own masculinity, it might be time to revisit one's own masculinity and self-confidence instead of trying to change a rather innocent symbol...
(I wonder how well a proposal for subsurface's new "hot pink" theme:
would go down in this forum? I am partly kidding, but only partly...)

Best Regards

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No. To prove that it was not about my masculinity, I suggest that we set the background of the whole forum to a light shade of pink. And the background of individual messages to alternating pastel green and yellow. This way we can create a supportive environment for the small pink heart.

I would have suggested changing the heart to a lighbulb, i.e. to hint at an idea, or an intellectual contribution. But that would have ruined my ideas for the colored backgrounds.


@Thinkcat, is your real name Dan?
I was in a very large corporate meeting for a fortune 500 once. The CEO of the company, a woman in a puffy fusia sweater holding her pocket dog choose to bust a colleague, Dan, for wearing a pink shirt. He told her that he was quite comfortable with his masculinity.

I prefer the light pink and pastels to the new "Hot Pink". It's just easier on the eyes.

Of course we could do nothing.


What's nice about LEDE's forum is members are mutable. Remember that one dude on OpenWRT that would spam the forum with clueless complaints.


What do you mean by 'mutable'?


if I navigate to my Preference page, there's a field called 'Users'. I believe if a user name is added, that guy is muted. There's probably an easier way to mute someone, but I haven't looked into it.


As a test, I swapped the heart icon with a thumbs-up icon using local CSS customization, hope this works better for this forum.


I just tried it. It works! :+1: ( The heart worked perfectly fine, though. )


It is still heart in the mobile view (tablets etc.)
Thumbs icon is visible in desktop view.
Separate css, I guess.