Not reaching expected download speeds on NanoPi r2s with SQM enabled (Solved)

So I'm currently running OpenWrt 22.03.5 r20134-5f15225c1e on a NanoPI r2s and I've noticed that I'm not getting the expected download speeds when enabling SQM. When I use Fq-codel with simple, I can reach speeds of 400/400Mbit, but when I use cake and piece of cake, I can only reach 290 down and 400 up. Any ideas on what could be causing this issue and how I can improve my download speeds while using SQM with cake and piece of cake?

Also, for the rest it runs awesome.

Here's some more info


  • ISP T-mobile NL
  • 400/400
  • Fiber
  • Vlan 300 configured on WAN, when connecting to virtual Vlan there is no alteration in speeds or user experience.

what does htop say about the CPU load ?

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Good question,

As far as I can tell the CPU is bored.

Here's some more info

SQM info

Network settings:

This is what a router has to do right, provide stable and fast internet. No fancy packages :slight_smile: and loads of performance to spare. Currently I am Ethernet connected and the only device using the router. later on I want to add my own network but for troubleshooting purposes I am the only one connected.

Found it! if you have multiple cores, why not enabling them to do their work?

Approx 370/370 and that is fine for this little nifty device.

Oh, and do not forget to reboot :slight_smile:

Thank you :smile: @ frollic your htop suggestion has lead to this result. Average load was 0.25 which meant that 1 CPU was maxxing out :fire: :fire_extinguisher: while testing.

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