Not enough disk space on a TL-MR6400 v4? (for ZeroTier )


I spent 2 days to have a working OpenWRT (problem with LTE/4G connection).

I just installed DynDNS.

And now, I discover that, for the main need I have, I can't install ZeroTier in OpenWRT because this add-on needs 1,4 Mo, and I just have 72kb free.

I imagine there is nothing to do?

Si I can revert and install back the stock firmware...

You can build your own custom image, omitting redundant stuff. Dropping LuCI frees lot of space.
You can start here:

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Doubt you'll be able to free up 1.4mb by stripping the image.

It's a 8mb flash device, they'll be out of support after next Openwrt release, because of insufficient flash space.

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You could set up ext root on a usb device? Have as much space as you want

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Didn't see any usb port....

I see a solution for this rather old product which would be to replace the SPI memory with a 16 M or 32 M
it is not very difficult to desolder
it will be necessary to have a spi programmer and an adapter
a soldering iron
-> have fun modifying a construction to obtain a 16 or 32M firmware

In a worst scenario you also have to build your own images after doing it.

I'd rather sell it, and get a ZTE 286D instead, they're usually cheap, but harder to flash, serial's required.

Thank you for all your ideas.

It's too complex for me. It was interesting to use OpenWRT to answer to my need (access to a security camera in a rented storage room), by using ZeroTier, but I will not buy a new router or try to modify the current one. I will continue to receive alerts by email, and when the camera will seem to dont work, I will check next time I will go in that place.

I will reverse to the stock firmware.

Pity, but it was interesting to discover OpenWRT.

Again, thank you :slight_smile:

In worst case, you can build an image from source. Just did it, incl. zerotier, size is like follows:
6357803 Apr 7 09:50 openwrt-ramips-mt76x8-tplink_tl-mr6400-v4-squashfs-sysupgrade.bin
-rw-r--r-- 1 openwrt openwrt 8126464 Apr 7 09:50 openwrt-ramips-mt76x8-tplink_tl-mr6400-v4-squashfs-tftp-recovery.bin
Of course, no LuCI. All defaults used, no additional packages besides zerotier. In case of interest, I can mail it to you.

With no GUI, it will be too much to do/time for me to (try to) set the system (WIFI, DDNS, basic settings, etc).
It's very nice (!!), thank you, but I really give up and go back to the stock firmware.

It's seems the router is now bricked, after flashing the OEM firmware.


OEM installation using the TFTP method
β†’ generic.flashing.tftp

You can flash via tftp recovery:

serve tftp-recovery image as tp_recovery.bin on
connect to any ethernet port
power on the device while holding the reset button
wait at least 8 seconds before releasing reset button

I did it, exactly how I need to do, the firmware is downloaded, the router flash it, then all LED blink.

I use the last and the previous (to test) firmware, EU version for a EU router.


Connection received from on port 3934 [09/04 18:42:25.568]
Read request for file <tp_recovery.bin>. Mode octet [09/04 18:42:25.568]
Using local port 58379 [09/04 18:42:25.583]
<tp_recovery.bin>: sent 106708 blks, 54634074 bytes in 38 s. 0 blk resent [09/04 18:43:03.663]

I did this (modification of the file) and it worked!