Not able to surf. Can Ping (Tethering issue)

Equipment: NETGEAR N6100. Verizon phone and TMOBILE phone.
Symptom: Tethering isn't working (anymore) with the Verizon but it's working fine with the TMOBILE.

OpenWRT 19.07.07

Had a previous version of 19.0x installed. Was working 100% w my provider and I didn't use it for a few months. Now I have turned it back on (Cell phone router backup system) and I could not open a website from a client computer, only ping websites. I could run commands like 'opkg update' on the router (in addition to ping). But I could not open a website on a client device connected to the router.

I decided to flash up to 19.07.07 and set it all up again. I did a default setup, added
'opkg install kmod-usb-net-rndis'
and changed the Network/Interface/WAN from 'eth0' to 'usb0'

Exactly the same issue: I can ping and run opkg commands from within the router, but can only ping from a client device, and not open any webpages. I tried a wifi android client, and the laptop. Same.

If I swap the tethering phone from Verizon to a TMOBILE phone, then as soon as tethering reconnects, web pages work. Switching back to the Verizon device and it does not work. It must be something different needed with the Verizon setup.

The default TTL showing with ping, from the router is 113. The same ping from the laptop is a TTL of 112.

if ping works, there's something going on with the name resolution.

check the DNS IPs your router is giving out with the two providers.

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