Not able to connect to router remotely using zerotier IP but web interface is accessible


I newly installed OPENWRT on my my WDR4300 router. When I first installed it, I am able to get zeriotier installed and without any further configuration, I am able to remotely access.

But recently due to issues, I have to reset the router config and now router is not getting accessed when I select unspecified option for SSH and I have to select LAN. WAN and Zerotier interfaces are no more accepting the traffic on 22. Can some one please help me out.

  • Did you add your public key back to LuCI -> System -> Administration?

  • Have you configured a port redirect for the SSH port from wan to lan?

    • Port 22 should never be open to WAN... utilize a port redirect from a high WAN side port (a port # in the 50k - 60k range) to LAN side 22.
      • Allowing WAN side 22 to be open will result in hundreds to thousands of connection attempts per day.
      • Port scanners will rarely scan all 65,535 ports, so a higher WAN side port is better.