Normal speed for OpenWrt NAS

As @Mazilo mentioned, my task was done through WIFI, and it seems that I didn't convey this important setting to you.

But 2~3 MB/s speed is still low for WiFi.

I tested wired connection and iperf3 result can reach 100 MB/s. So I can locate my problem in the WiFi module. The bitrate of WiFi is only 20~ Mbps. But my router has a 867 Mbps 5 GHz WiFi...

Then I searched "how to increase WiFi bitrate OpenWrt". And I followed this tutorial (website in Chinese Simplified), to check Force 40 MHz Mode , set noncan option to 1 in /etc/config/wireless, and set cipher as Force CCMP (AES) (my original setting was Force TKIP). Now I have a about 106 Mbps bitrate in iperf3 test, and about 10 MB/s NFS speed.

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Awesome! Yes you didn't mention wifi or wired. It's always good to test speed via wired and only then move to wifi, which has its own issues. If your problem is solved, please mark the solution using the checkbox below the post.

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R U now using NFS to access your NAS? if so, what is your R/W throughput (particularly through a wired connection)?

NFS speed tested by uploading or downloading a 1 GB file:

wireless, download: 13 MB/s
wireless, upload: 9 MB/s
wired, download: 66 MB/s
wired, upload: 20 MB/s

This is way much better. What did you do to improve the R/W throughputs? Also, can you post the output from top -d 5 while performing the NFS R/W to show the number of NFS threads created and how much resources it consumes?

BTW, which NFS package(s) did you install?

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