NordVPN then OpenVPN to Home Network (2 OVPN Client Connections on 1 router)

So right now I have a setup where I take my travel OpenWRT router and it connects to the NORDVPN server to get me to the US for streaming then I have OpenWRT on my phone or laptop to connect to my home server to access video files. Is there way have the OpenWRT router connect to NordVPN tunnel to the USA then have it connect to my home network. I know I could just connect straight to home but sometimes I don't want to do that because I never know who is on some of the public access points I connect to.
I have tun0 and tun1 setup and the both client files loaded on the router. I just have to do them individually through the webgui instead of have a way to having them them connect one after the other and having it block traffic until both tunnels are formed.

You need to setup a static route to send all the VPN packets destined to your home server via the wan interface. The VPN policy-based routing package could prove useful in your case.

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This is what I am trying to achieve in theory. Running two openvpn client profiles where one connects after the other...

You can also do that, but it will kill your speed going through Nordvpn to connect to your home.
It makes way more sense to setup a dedicated tunnel from home openvpn server to the tp-link router.


Will be used for SSH commands so speed it not an issue when I remote into my NAS. I have the direct tunnel when I need speed but when want to have this option and need guidance on how the routing would be achieved.
So if I turn on both tun0 and tun1 do I just just tell it forward all packets from 1 to 0?

If you have a direct tunnel there is no need to complicate things with another tunnel over NordVPN.
By the way, have they agreed to route the packets between your tunnels?