NordVPN software optimized for OpenWrt (Wireguard/OpenVPN)

I've developed a tool to remotely manage VPN connections to NordVPN on an OpenWrt Router.

It's free and it's optimized for NordVPN.

Depending on your Router it may already use NordLynx (Wireguard). If that's not possible it will fallback to OpenVPN (TCP or UDP). The tool has auto-update functionality and i intend to increase device support/coverage in the future. I use this tool myself so there has been a great deal of care gone into it. I'm a registered affiliate with NordVPN. I've also negotiated with NordVPN a hefty discount on NordVPN plans for users that sign up via the URL's within the App.

You can download it at

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If mods find this useful they may sticky it.

Will you release the source code?

It's unobfuscated C# so if you want to reverse engineer and/or inspect the code there's no problems.

Would be great if you could publish it.

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For the correct writing of OpenWrt, see the logo at the top of the forum or wiki, or What does WRT stand for? - #5 by tmomas

Would be great if you could correct this in your software.

Will do so in next Update. Noted.

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Just fixed the spelling with the release of 1.3.4


Nice app. Thanks for sharing.
My OpenWrt based router has WireGuard support already installed.
II've run the app and chose an US based server, but it defaulted to OpenVPN.
I would be most grateful if you could provide instructions on how to make sure your App only connects using NordLynx (aka WireGuard).
Best wishes.

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Nice program and big thanks for sharing this with us.
I've tried it now for a couple of days but missing some necessary features.

  1. Support for WireGuard in your software with OpenWrt (option to connect only to WireGuard servers).
  2. Separate networks. For example when a router has multiple radios to choose the option which radio will use VPN and which one not.

Wired connection (port 1 , 3 (VPN connected) ) (port 2, 4 through local ISP ip)
Wireless 2.4 Ghz (VPN connected)
Wireless 5Ghz (local ISP ip)

Would that be possible to integrate in future release ?


I just tried this on my Rpi4 running a recent custom built snapshot and it failed and simply returned to the setup screen. Not sure why it failed.

I already have WireGuard installed and configured for my mobile devices when I’m not home and I require a VPN connection to my home network.


Thank you for building a great tool! It would have saved me a lot of time in the past configuring openvpn on my Turris Omnia. This is so much better then tinkering around myself.

It would be nice to have a few more features:

  • A filter to show servers in a certain country/countries

  • A filter to show servers of a specific category

Plus the features @h3ct0rz1 has pointed out.

Indeed a great tool. I'd add +1 for these features (support for separate networks for VPN and localISP)

Nice Tool but no Wiregaurd/NordLynx support I believe.

As per NordVPN, they dont allow any Wiregaurd (NordLynx) connections from ANY Routers, it is available only thru NordVPN Apps on all OS (Windows / Linux / MAC/ IOS/Android).

Below is the update from NordVPN support.

The NordLynx technology is built around the WireGuard® protocol. It is the newest and fastest tunneling protocol the entire VPN industry is talking about.

Keep in mind that NordLynx is NOT available yet for manual connection methods such as router setups. In other words, there are no configuration files for it.

:point_right: More information about NordLynx