Nordvpn on Linksys WRT32000acm with 18.06

I now have problem with making a VPN with Nordvpn
I'm trying to follow this guide, a guide with pictures it's easy for me.

I'm starting to make an interface that the guide describes but I can't "cover the following interface" for tun0

I can't make a new one just pick those who are there.

I also can't "Create / Assign firewall zone"

I am clear that it is a guide on an older version from LEDE

Can you post a screenshot?
If we give you the commands, will you be able to import them via SSH?

Yes i believe well i can find out to do it via ssh, i am reading a part about openwrt

Here you are:

uci set network.nordvpn="interface"
uci set network.nordvpn.ifname="tun0"
uci set network.nordvpn.proto="none"
uci commit network
service network restart

Continue the guide from the point that says Now click the "Advanced Settings" tab and select "Bring up on boot".

Maybe I couldn't figure it out.

Collected errors:
 * opkg_conf_parse_file: /etc/opkg/customfeeds.conf:1: Ignoring invalid line: `uci set network.nordvpn="interface"'
 * opkg_conf_parse_file: /etc/opkg/customfeeds.conf:2: Ignoring invalid line: `uci set network.nordvpn.ifname="tun0"'
 * opkg_conf_parse_file: /etc/opkg/customfeeds.conf:3: Ignoring invalid line: `uci set network.nordvpn.proto="none"'
 * opkg_conf_parse_file: /etc/opkg/customfeeds.conf:4: Ignoring invalid line: `uci commit network'
 * opkg_conf_parse_file: /etc/opkg/customfeeds.conf:5: Ignoring invalid line: `service network restart'
 * opkg_conf_load: Could not lock /var/lock/opkg.lock: Resource temporarily unavailable.

A restart of computer and router, helped succeed

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The problem is not completely resolved.
When I get to "WinSCP" in the guide, I do not have a folder on my router called openvpn or nordvpn where I can put the folder with NordVPN Profile out.
I've tried to make a folder myself, but then I can't make it work.
I have followed the guide completely

opkg list-installed openvpn\*
ls -l /etc/openvpn

I have now created the folder openvpn but I still can't get my vpn to work.
Then I would try to look in /tmp/openvpn.log

But when I open winscp, this error comes:

and i don't even have a folder called tmp, can something have gone wrong during instalation of openwrt?

I have these folders:

Yes, something is really wrong there as you are missing quite a lot of folders like tmp, usr, root, proc.
Are you sure you didn't erase anything accidentally?

Yes, because before I started with VPN, I checked that there was a connection to the router with winscp and with PuTTY and that winscp also reported errors so it is before vpn and all i have done before is make a wifi and switch ip from to

Should I make a new installation 18.06.02?

Definitely yes.
I would tell you to login with SSH and run firstboot to restore factory defaults, but I am not sure if login will work.

Okay, I'll try to make a firstboot.
I have been looking for a folder overview so I can check I have all the folders. Where can I find one?

bin           etc           mnt           proc          root          sys           usr           
dev           lib           rom           sbin          tmp           var

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