NordVPN not working

I used this guide to install NordVPN on my router

and I have done all the steps but when I check my IP or go on the nordVPN site it still says unprotected, would anyone know how to fix this? i have looked online and couldn't find anything useful and i tried using nordVPN support but no luck.
Thank you

Well, looking into the logs is the way to go, since the issue might be appearing on various configuration levels. Do you see "Initialization Sequence Completed" at the end of the NordVPN connection logs?
If so, the route you are going through is not a VPN tunnel one you created, you are being routered not though it. Then you should go through the steps once more since the issue will not be clear.
If the "Initialization Sequence Completed" does not appear - upload the logs and the issue should be much easier to determine.

Yes I do see Initialization Sequence Completed on the log, what would I have to do to make it go through the vpn tunnel?

That means your VPN is connected, but your device is not being routered through the VPN. Such issue might be appearing on the part: Note: Please be careful here as you can lock yourself out of LuCI. until Adding the NordVPN profile. Would recommend double-checking those. In case we are not getting this one fixed, maybe you could share the screenshots of your configurations? Would be much easier. Also, hard resetting and re-configuring step by step actually often does the trick for routing issues as such.

I might have found out why it wasn’t working, on the diagram on the page the vpn router is connected by the WAN port i was connecting it through a normal lan port, I have switched to my WAN port but i don’t know how to set it up as when i used the wan port i don’t get internet connection