NordVPN killswitch?

I have got my router set up as an Openclient for NordVPN and I use Stangri's Policy Based Routing (Luci) App to route traffic from certain devices to it and certain traffic from other devices arround it.
It is all working pretty well.
My problem is that the last two mornings in a row I am having problems that all connected devices lose internet connection. The VPN seems to be the cause because as soon as I disable the OpenVPN client, all internet connections return to normal. My problem is that I have no idea how to troubleshoot this any further. The only thing I can think of is that there is a problem with the VPN connection which kicks in some kind of kill switch. Unfortunately, I have no idea how to check whether there is a kill switch or not.. Can somebody maybe tell me what to look for in which file, to see if there is a kill switch active and if so, how to disable it? If you have any ideas of other causes, suggestions are welcome and appreciated! Thanks!

You have to tell us what you have done to set this up and where.

The nordvpn "offical guide" / guides make use of two kill switches... did you set these up?


  • what guide did you follow / what have you done?
  • what is your desired functionality / end result

Please post all your configs in code tags ( ^ </> )... ( remove any keys / passwords / real ip's / macs / etc. ) to help others to know what you are really doing. Descriptions are very general.