Noob question on engenius eap1750h

Hi guys,
This question might be very noob, not sure, but i am very new to this topic.
Long story short, i have obtained a bunch of working (hardware wise) engenius eap1750h access points.

They suit my needs excellently, but the previous owner managed to put some custom configuration on his AP's.
Since this locks out the default admin account, there is no way to reset the units to factory settings.
I have the devices open, have serial access via an Arduino serial port and can see a boot log over serial, but not sure how to proceed with this.

Are my devices doomed? Can is still reload the stock firmware onto those overwriting the default "user" configuration?
I don't need openWRT per se, but it seems like the stock Engenius software is based off it, so that is why i am giving it a shot here.

The hardware is to good to be thrown away honestly. I can afford to go out and buy new stuff, but this will end up in some landfill while still working, but locked out.

Btw, engenius support has responded my question already, they say it is impossible, off course they do :roll_eyes:

If I could only reset to factory condition, I would be a very happy man :slight_smile:

You have it on your desk, for us it's a complete blackbox - so the challenge is all yours.