Noob question about ethernet cable

Hello, I just installed LEDE and LuCI web interface with it, but I find it uncomfortable to configure because it needs ethernet cable to be always connected with router. Is there a way for it to work with just wifi and no cable? Thanks!

OpenWRT/Lede starts with WiFi radios disabled for security reasons, so that you can first enter a password for WiFi. And hence, initial configuration needs to be done with an Ethernet cable. However, all subsequent changes can be done over WiFi.

Alternatively, advanced users can compile their own version of Lede with a different default configuration that already includes a WiFi password and WiFi enabled. In that case, the initial setup can also be done over WiFi.

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Thank you for your reply. I worded myself poorly, I can't find a way to connect to router through typical without ethernet cable. I looked through addresses listed in ipconfig and the one listed under wireless lan adapter doesn't connect me to the router. I'm obviously missing something very simple though since you said I should be able to make changes. Cheers!

So you have activated the WiFi on the router (and hopefully set up a password!) and you are connected to the WiFi, but unable to connect to

In the interfaces tab under Luci, is your WiFi interface added to the LAN bridge?

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If you use default settings everywhere except to enable the wifi on the router then connect to it with the PC, the WiFi interface on Windows should have an IP of 192.168.1.x. Then you can reach the router at

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That's what I was missing. One extra ticked box that didn't need to be there. Thanks !

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