Noob needs help with ExpressVPN openvpn

I just flashed archer c60v1 with OpenWrt 19.07.0 r10860-a3ffeb413b. I need help with expressvpn openvpn setup. I have installed Luci-App-OpenVpn and Openvpn-openssl package. After upload .ovpn file in luci i can see my config but client not starting with start button. Where i can put my user password for expressvpn. DO i need some other config firewall etc?

I recommend you to configure similarly to AirVPN:

If you have any questions, please, PM me.

Check initially, whether string 'auth-user-pass' presents.

After you uploaded the .ovpn file, if you click on Edit button, there is a box at bottom of page to enter username and password. See third image in this wiki page:

You also will have to configure the firewall and tun0 interface.

Suggest reading through the ' 4 - OpenVPN Client for HH5A v1.2 PDF written for HH5A but works with other routers too for setting up openvpn client using only LuCI.

Should be able to get about 12+ Mbps openvpn speeds on a C60 v1

Hi i follow this guide according to rededit its working with express vpn but i have problem with dns servers for expressvpn. Is this are correct ones

The Expressvpn url you provided suggests they only use public DNS servers such as Google.

Can you ping public DNS servers such as,, etc through vpn tunnel ?
If ping fails, there is perhaps a problem with your configuration.

Check your DNS servers are correctly defined in LuCI > Network > Interface > LAN

Nice, please, ask author of that guide.

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Just want to say thank you all my expressvpn is up running. Speedtest 10+ not great for ultrahd but i will test other servers. I set dns servers LuCI > Network > Interface > LAN thx to @bill888 and then follow with firewall form

fwiw, you probably won't see 'significant' improvement above 10+ Mbps with your router. Speed over wifi will be slower that ethernet.

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