Noob mistake, I installed LEDE and upgraded over the stock firmware

Hi everyone I am new here to the whole LEDE thing. I flashed the router from stock to lede which went great I was wondering around it for a while and got to big for my britches. I decided to do and upgrade to the latest build completely forgot that if I use the BIN file it will over write the stock partition. So now I have two problems. One is that the new flash won't let me connect to it. I get a "This site can't be reached check connection and proxy and the firewall". So i figured I did something wrong no big deal that is part of learning. I just learned from a dd-wrt guy that also uses LEDE how to switch partitions with putty (very cool by the way I think). So I can get back to the original build but now I have lost the stock firmware. What I am wondering is. Is there a way to flash the stock back onto the other partition?

I have found more information on what I am looking for so sorry for the double post. I'll continue the older thread with my questions. How to go back to stock firmware on wrt1900acs v2