Noob missing the point "probably"

I have a new PLUSNET HUB 1(aka BTHOMEHUBV5A) trying to load openWRT.
I have:
PC running lxle ubuntu 18.04 with picocom / tftp etc set to
Ethernet switch 1 connection to HUB , other connection to PC
USB serial dongle with reset switch connected to serial port HUB (my connections to internals)
I have set HUB to ; PC to
Following instructions on screen and in manual
I can load the modified Uboot and get as far as the reboot BTHOMEHUBV5A # prompt
I then do " tftpboot 0x81000000 lede-lantiq- etc - .bin; bootm 0x81000000" on the
the BTHOMEHUBV5A # prompt. The output appears to try to load with a * followed after a while with a T this repeat about 7/8 times and then says that the load attempt have timed out and it starts again and continues for as long as I leave it.
I have tried a number of times following the on line method (ethernet cable)and the pdf guide via serial.

Where am I going wrong or What point am I missing!!
I havent included any screen output as I suspect it is a fairly obvious mistake on my part.
Please Help!

Firewall blocking traffic on the Ubuntu?

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Make sure to follow

Good call. Took a while to learn the firewall ( noob also at in depth linux also ). Few false starts but got there. Thanks

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