Noob: big upgrade from an old 5 year old version - worries

Hi there,
5 Years ago i bought an NETGEAR WNDR3700v4 and installes the Version: |Firmware Version|OpenWrt Chaos Calmer r45592 / LuCI Master (git-15.118.50175-36879e9)| |Kernel Version|3.18.11|.
I know the hardware is old but everything up to now worked fine and therefore i did not upgrade the Netgear because of the fear that something will not work after it.

Now i bought a new hardware (Huawai B618s) which i just use as a bridge and openwrt manages my Firewall etc. (using an old LTe Stick e3372).
Now i want to update to the newest Version and have worries that it will work, therefore i have some Questions:
1.) Brings the upgrade more security (am i unsecure allready with this old version?) or is it just more functionaltiy?

2.) can i use my old Settings, i am very afraid, that i won`t remember how it was configured working...
i allready red that it is not recommendet but i Fear not to be able to Configure or find the router after this major upgrade...
What will happen if i klick to use the old settings?

3.) Where can i find the right image (just in case i allready have red where to find, but i am very uncertain with it all, because i am real no expert but just a user...
To i have to upgrade or which image is the right one?

4.) to i also have to upgrade the webinterface (Luci)? how can i reach the webinterface after the upgrade and how to i also upgrade Luci if it is recommendet...?

sorry for my silly questions but i am really just user and no expert nither linux nor openwrt.

Thanx in advance and have a nice day (i will wait for the update, till i hear from you, so i hope so).
Thank you!
Kind regards
PS: Sorry for my english... :slight_smile:

@hemi, welcome to the community!

Chaos Calmer has a lot of discovered vulnerabilities/exploits.

Back them up in case a flash with settings does not work, some things may be slightly different; but you have your configs to copy/paste the relevant sections.

You found it. Use sysupgrade.

It will reboot, and the upgraded LuCI will reappear.

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You get a new LuCI automatically with a release version such as 18.06.5. If you're using this router with your USB modem you will need to install the USB-net drivers to make the modem work. This is much easier if you have some other way to connect to the Internet then use opkg to make an online install.


Thanks for all the replays! I just but the 618 with the same settings in conection with the router over wan (no update from openwrt allready).
Everything works but i can not reach luci? i Did not change any settings on the route just connectet the 618 with a lan-Cable and not USB. Can this be the Problem, luci does not replay over the ip.....

Sorry to ask, but where can i get the most importa t packages like usb Drivers an so on?

Most packages you can download from standard repository:

opkg update
opkg install PACKAGE

Check initially, whether luci is installed:
opkg list-installed | grep luci

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