Noname - dhcp clients [SOLVED]

I have a lot of dhcp clients named "-".
Where does the name come from?
After I figure what they are, is there a way to rename them/add a note in the openwrt gui?

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The DHCP clients themselves report the host name when they obtain IP addresses from the DHCP server. In DHCPv4, clients provide it using option 12. In DHCPv6, option 39 is used instead.

The host name is optional. If they don't provide it, it shows up as "-". You see this most often with smartphones. Especially Android devices, because stock Android does not even implement DHCPv6 client functions as far as I know. They pretty much all get their IPv6 addresses using SLAAC with privacy extensions. They also randomize their MAC addresses, unless configured otherwise.


Yes, assuming that the clients are not using MAC randomization:

I can't do it from luci, right?

LuCI > DHCP and DNS > Static Leases

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There are some variations... this and that

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