Nokia SS2FII as souly 4g LTE signal booster

Hello All,

This is kind of off topic for what is usually posted here but will ask anyway.
Has anyone ever tried to do a firmware for the Nokia SS2FII CellSpot T-Mobile to make the CellSpot strictly a generic 4G LTE signal booster not chained to only T-Mobile devices to connect to it.
This is in fact a FemtoCell Device and does work great for what is intended to do,,but it some what defeats the purpose as you have to have an existing internet connection from another ISP for it to function.
The Model number is SS2FII , It is not a router at all..only a FemtoCell that does an ethenet backhaul via another ISP you plug it into,to provide access to T-Mobile 4G LTE.
Hope am making myself clear enough.