NoIP DDNS scripts: curl error 48 (unknown option)

I am seeing ddns-scripts choke on my NoIP update on the 19.07 branch. I have partially rewritten /etc/config/ddns, checked for typoes, but there's nothing staring me in the eye that might break things... cURL throws error 48 which suggests arguments it does not recognise, but I'm not seeing any.

My config (WAN is directly behind a 'dumb' modem so it gets a WAN IP):

config ddns 'global'
        option ddns_dateformat '%F %R'
        option ddns_loglines '250'
        option upd_privateip '0'

config service 'NoIP'
        option service_name ''
        option enabled '1'
        option domain ''
        option username 'username'
        option password 'password'
        option lookup_host ''
        option ip_source 'network'
        option ip_network 'wan'
        option interface 'wan'

Ddns-scripts log:

 172718       : verbose mode  : 0 - run normal, NO console output
 172718       : check interval: 600 seconds
 172718       : force interval: 259200 seconds
 172718       : retry interval: 60 seconds
 172719       : retry counter : 0 times
 172719       : No old process
 172719       : last update: never
 172719       : Detect registered/public IP
 172719       : #> /usr/bin/nslookup  >/var/run/ddns/NoIP.dat 2>/var/run/ddns/NoIP.err
 172719       : Registered IP '' detected
 172719  info : Starting main loop at 2019-06-16 17:27
 172719       : Detect local IP on 'network'
 172719       : Local IP '' detected on network 'wan'
 172719       : Forced Update - L: '' == R: ''
 172719       : parsing script '/usr/lib/ddns/'
 172720       : sending dummy IP to ''
 172720       : #> /usr/bin/curl -RsS -o /var/run/ddns/NoIP.dat --stderr /var/run/ddns/NoIP.err --noproxy '*' ''
 172720 ERROR : cURL Error: '48'
 172720       : curl: (48) Error
 172720  WARN : Transfer failed - retry 1/0 in 60 seconds

I'm using ddns-scripts_no-ip_com without curl, which seems to be fine on a current master build.

Yeah well, the weird thing it works fine on my DIR-860L with pre-19.07, whereas this NBG6617 (one commit behind) chokes on its DDNS configuration... Can't make anything of it :frowning:

I just copy/pasted the cURL URL from a working DDNS instance (on another router) onto my problematic one, and there it returns that error 48. Same URL returns 0 on the router that behaves normally.

Will take a look later if my buildroot config for ipq40xx somehow deviates from the other ones. Maybe it's some cURL compiletime options.

Uninstall curl and libcurl then test by re-installing using opkg. You may have different versions of them installed.

I'm running my own builds, the package are all included into the images. So no version mismatches here. Thanks for the idea though.

@Borromini yes perhaps, but can you try to remove your package and install using opkg and see if curl still does not function? Just to humor me? :slight_smile:

Is there a reason that it's not using uclient-fetch as normal?

184329 : #> /bin/uclient-fetch -q -O /var/run/ddns/noip.dat -Y off 'http://......

It seems the script uses curl if it finds it's installed. Either way, the problem seems to be gone with a simple reboot :expressionless:

I see what you were thinking now. If the error pops up again, I'll grab the official packages, install them and let you know.

Oh yes, I forgot about that. I use wget with ddns in my device.

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