Noip ddns dependencies

I had some problems with setting up ddns for no-ip. Long story short, the documentation is almost right. What I needed to do was install libopenssl, libustream-openssl, uclient-fetch, and ca-certificates before I can get everything to work right. The mysterious log entry with an error code of 5 was a hint but only after I read the source code for uclient-fetch.

Anyway if someone could update the documentation it would be great. Otherwise I hope when people Google they find this note.

That is a dependency in order to use HTTPS DDNS services.

  • This information in included. Did you use opkg install or the LuCI web GUI, or did you just install the IPK file?

  • Did you install the scripts too?

Do you installed ddns-scripts_no-ip_com package ?

Yes, I started by installing ddns-scripts_no-ip_com and the Luci packages. Obviously the other packages are dependencies but for some reason the openwrt didn't know about them

Again, did you use the web GUI, the opkg command, or download the IPK install package???

I used the web gui

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