Node on MT7620

Hi everybody,
I'm new on the project and I have some problems to use node packages.
I've installed the LEDE v 17.01.01 on my GL-INET MT300N v1 (MT7620 proccessor) and I am quite haapy how it works. Till now I have a problem of "ILLEGAL INSTRUCTION" with node packages, I've installed it by terminal with the command "opkg update && install node". If I give the instruction "node -v" the system answer correctly "node v 4.5.1" but as soon as give the instruction " node fisrt.js" I recieved " Illegal instrution". The same thing appens if I try to use npm.
I wolud like to use my router as IoT; at the moment it runs as moquitto brocker and it works fine.

I don't understand which is the problem, please, could someone help me ??

Thanks in adavance



I am facing illegal instruction with npm. were you able to resolve the issue ?