Node Mobile LEDE GPS (Glonas) U-Box Traccar server

Good morning! I am preparing a small project "MESH GPS" I use three alix 2d3 with gps / glonas U-blox) the gps works fine with LEDE, (AD-HOC mode) i can save the data with gpxlogger ..
I have a small "traccar gps" server where I would like to send data via my Alix (LEDE) ... unfortunately I have no idea how to send this data (Location) can anyone help me?
The server was taken from
Https:// Source GPS Tracking Platform)
I tried to write to them, but I did not have any concrete help for LEDE

Hope to have written in the right place

ALL ....

Any suggestions?

Good morning! Can no one give me any help? Thank you