No wireless interface on FritzBox 7490

I just finished installing the snapshot on my router and I installed a custom bin from the firmware selector with the luci package preinstalled.
Now i wanted to configure the wifi interfaces but if I go to admin/network/wireless I get a 404. How is this possible?

It's not available for OpenWrt yet, support for the ath79 companion image covering the wireless part hasn't been merged so far. There has been past work described for this in the forum, but it's unmerged as of yet.

Ok I understand. Is there a way to "merge by myself" cause I need this router to be a repeater from lan to wireless.

If you can, you can - if not, then you can't.

that is a cryptic answer,
can you explain me how to do it please?


The source has been presented, I have no idea if it's kept up to date or not. It would be up to you to integrate it, to make it work (bonus point for getting it into a mergeable state) - either you succeed, or you don't, the helm is yours. There is no 3-step guide to profit, you will have to fill in the gaps and do the necessary development in a hands-on manner.

If you want an easy answer, it would be "there is no wireless support for the AVM Fritz!Box 3490/ 7490" - anything beyond that needs your development work.

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ok thanks for the answer.

could you mention that the wifi is not working in the page of this router in the table of hardware under the Unsupported Functions?

There are two weeks old builds mentioned in the PR here.


Thanks, I will try now flashing. I'll tell you if something works.

I tried everything that is said in those comments and I am stuck at ssh into the wasp image. I tried to compile it myself, to use the precompiled etc. but none is working. Where am I doing wrong?

Right now I am restoring the factory firmware while waiting for a response, so I can have a clean start.

Sorry, I don't own any of the supported Fritz!Boxes, I can't help you here.