No wifi from router (USB dongle)


I have the last version of Linux mint una.
With tp link tl-wn722n USB wifi dongle on MSI motherboard .
My router is connected to my ISP gateway, It detects the wifi from ISP modem but not the SSID from my router.
Buy my other devices are connected to my router.

Do you know if I can do something about it?
My build is master build on wrt3200

Not all usb wifi adapters support AP mode. I believe that this is one of the ones that does not.

could you recommand me a good one to use with my router, or maybe I should be better to buy a wireless network card

I don’t have any recommendations on other usb or internal WiFi options. I always prefer purpose built external APs - they have better performance and range, and are designed to be APs rather than client (sta) mode devices that just happen to have the ap capability.

ok, external ap? link to help me to understand, maybe I could do that

External purpose built access points include APs from ubiquiti (unifi), tp-link (armada), Aruba, rukus, and others.