No wifi after 21.02.1 [MT7620A]


I just update the Xiaomi MiWiFi Mini [MediaTek MT7620A ver:2 eco:6] from 19.07.8 to 21.02.1 by web sysupgrade file.

The AP reboot and I can access, but the wireless devices are inactive:

I reset the wireless this way:

cd /etc/config
mv wireless /tmp
wifi config

But nothing, how could I get it working? I can not reset and configure, this is a remote AP.

This is the kernel log:
This is the system log:

isn't the wifi disabled by default?
post your /etc/config/wireless but redact your SSID an PASSWORD

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Yup, that's what the [Enable] button's for ... :wink:


I install again the image and now the wifi devices works.

Thanks for the help.


In my case the version 21.02 was not stable for this device. Please let us know how it will be in your case

Hello @kofec

I have 21.02 in 2 of Xiaomi mi in my house since some weeks, the work great.

Today I installed the 21.02 version in other 2 Xiaomi mi devices, they are working great.

What is the instable do you get with this version?

I have configured as AP, not for routing.


I also have configured as AP, not for routing. So add wan port to LAN. I have configured 2 SSIDs on each and both frequency. I have connected USB memory to store logs but after reset there is not any information about crash. I back to 19.07 and have uptime over 30 days now.