No WAN connectivity?

For the last few days i've been trying to create a separate home network by running a cable from my internet router - Huawei HG8247H ( - to a Asus RT-N11P+B1 ( flashed with OpenWRT, but no matter what i try, i can't connect the two networks. I've tried both straight and crossover cables, using different ports (reassigning one of the Lan ports on asus to vlan 2), using different IPs, different MACs and solutions for simillar problems but nothing works. The wan interface doesn't get an ip (, and even assigning static ips doesn't seem to help. The only thing that i got to work is when i set wan if. as static ip (, then the routers can ping eachother, but only directly, and asus can't access the internet (but DNS lookups work???). Also hosts can't ping the router, ex. can't ping (static asus wan address), doesn't even get ARP response. Any ideas?

Does this support bridge mode/pass-through mode operation? If you want your public to appear on the WAN of your OopenWrt router (Asus) your Huawei device must be configured in bridge mode. Or, if you can remove the Huawei entirely, that is the easiest solution.

If you cannot remove the Huawei and if it doesn't support bridge mode, you'll either be able to do one of 2 things:

  • double NAT (i.e. connection from Huawei LAN > Asus WAN)
  • use the Asus as a dumb AP.

What is your goal with the Asus router -- why do you want to use it in your system? (that helps define what of the above options is best for your situation)

Nevermind, i've figured it out. Aparently the Huawei router will just ignore any devices wired to any other ports than LAN1. :expressionless:

The third option would be using the OpenWrt device as router, but without double-NAT/ masquerading - this only needs the ability to configure a static route on the ISP device (something ISP devices might allow, but often still don't), but separates trusted- and ISP networks.

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